Monday, October 17, 2011

Birth Continued....

The hours following Noah's birth were the scariest moments of my life. Within an hour of delivery the pediatrician noticed that Noah's chest was retracting and that he was having a hard time breathing. A 15 minute observation turned into a 7 day ordeal. At 2am the nurse practitioner from the level II nursery at Methodist came to speak with me about Noah's condition. She had zero answers and the look on her face told me that my little man was in a lot of trouble. He was breathing 147 times in a minute. I will save you the whole fiasco and shorten it up a bit. After 2 days at Methodist they started comparing Noah's lungs to fetal death. They were turning more and more grey. We transferred him to Texas Childrens and within seconds my son was assigned a team of angels. He was immediately placed on a ventilator and was given a dose of surfactant. We crossed our fingers hoping the diagnoses of immature lungs would hold. The team let us know they had done everything they could do, now it was up to our little man to fight.

In the mean time I was discharged from the hospital. Leaving was incredibly hard. I came home to scrub my floors and do laundry. No pain meds post delivery and honestly no recovery. All I wanted was to bring Noah home. Madelyne was so confused. My belly was smaller, but where was her brother. Nothing was like we had planned. There was no small family birthday party for Noah at the hospital, no he is your gift from Noah and vis versa....It was this is your little brother, don't touch any wires or cords. He is very sick. She became really confused. We caught he putting things in her nose to look like her little brother.

The staff was amazing at Texas Children's. 5 days after delivery I was able to hold my little boy for as long as I wanted, and the next day I was able to nurse for the first time. On day 7 he was able to come home. Everyday Noah got better 1 day he was off the ventilator, off c-pap, and eventually he was on room air. Our God is truly amazing. Noah made leaps and bounds in a very small amount of time.

The day we brought him home Madelyne was at daycare. Josh waited in the car with him and I went to go inside to get her. I didn't tell her he was in the car, I just put her in her seat right next to him. She looked over and the look on her face was priceless. It was such an amazing moment.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Noah's Birth Story

I know it has been a while. I am going to try and catch up in a series of posts so bear with me.

In the weeks that lead up to Noah's birth especially the last week, I was up during the nights with false labor. I guess that made for such a quick delivery. On the day he was born I was very uncomfortable the night before. I dreamed that Madelynes carriage/castle was on my stomach and the pressure was unbearable. Josh woke me up as he left for work and I told him I was going to have Noah that day and I would call him later when he needed to leave work. All morning I somewhat threw stuff in a bag and called and made an afternoon appointment with my doctor. I called Josh and told him to meet me there at 2. When I showed up to my moms the first thing she said to me was " you would go into labor with your dad gone"...I guess it was all over my face.

I left Madelyne with her and met Josh at the Dr.'s office. I was 4 cm dilated and she told me to meet her at the hospital in no more than 2 hours. I went home in a state of panic and tossed some stuff in a bag. I cried as we rode to my moms to drop Mati off. I was thinking it was our last few moments as a family of three. Josh thought I was crazy. I just blamed it on the hormones. We took our time, picking up an early dinner. I got there about 3 hours after my appointment and by that time I was a 6. I opted for the epidural and my pain level never went over a 3. my doctor came to visit and they put me on a small dose of pit while she went and did a csection. She returned ready to pop my water. After I told her to go grab some dinner and come back and see me. As she closed the door I felt so much pressure and within 10 minutes I felt like I needed to push. She came running back and told me she knew she didn't need to get dinner. She popped my water sometime between 9:20 and 9:30 pm and I delivered Noah at 9:53pm. The family was ecstatic. Mati held her little brother and I was flooded with all the emotions mommies get right after giving birth. Those are the moments I held on to for the next 7 days because nothing could have prepared us for what would happen about an hour after her was born.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hello Hello!!!

I typed a HUGE post and as I went to add a photo I lost mad..anyways I am back...

Friday, December 17, 2010

Almost gone!

Well people the year is almost gone! :) I am happy to see 2010 come and go. It hasn't been our best year, and I am excited about the new things about to happen for our family.

School is over, and I racked in all A's! whew! That felt great. This may be too much TMI, but I have noticed that pregnant women and their husbands share way too much when they are expecting so I will use that as my excuse. I mean Josh was telling his old boss about me planning to nurse for as long as I can, and I felt like I was sitting there NAKED! lol.. Anyways so here it goes..In April we started trying to get pregnant as May I finished my first semester back in college and got all A's going full time. I was so excited I told Josh we had to celebrate...we went out to eat..and 40 weeks later little Noah will be here! So yay for school...hehehe

Speaking of Noah... we should hopefully see his handsome face in about 42 days! Compared to what most people think I am pretty comfortable right now.. I worry that 6 weeks isn't long enough and I thank God I haven't moved into that "give me my body back" phase...I mean...I had to have been feeling it by now last time. I am pretty proud of myself for handling it all so well... I know I have yet to post a belly shot..and I really need to. We got some awesome pictures done last weekend, so once I have them back they will be up!

Madelyne is being treated for pneumonia, poor thing! Josh and I have been rotating being out of work all week. It really makes me appreciate my mom keeping her 90 % of the time when she is sick so we don't have to miss. She is out of town this week and I had to put on my big girl panties! She is doing better so just say a little prayer for our moo!

Josh and I are doing great. Transocean had a shower for us this past week and I can't tell you what a blessing it was. They bought over have our registry and left the small things like hangers, diapers, and all the little things you put on it for some variety. We received more than we could have hoped for. Anything else is just a blessing... The next 3 weeks are going to be a little crazy..We have the holidays and then the next weekend is our shower for family and friends. I am excited about it all!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Today is my Christmas!!!

Tonight at 6:30 I will be taking my last final of the semester! So say a prayer please!!! I am ready to have a break and enjoy this pregnancy!!!

Study Time!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

2 down, 1 to go!

Well finals have not been too brutal this time. I am stressed, but last semester was worse I think. I wrapped up my business law class last Friday and took my BCIS test last night. It was a grueling 3 1/2 hours in a computer lab! Thank God it is done and I am pretty confident both of those classes will be A's!!!! As for my math class, I am also confident it will be an A! Wish me luck, he hasn't been an easy teacher!

I can taste winter break already and I am sooo excited! Josh and I are going to start working out at night now that our nights are free! I am a little nervous! I know I need to modify, but I am soo excited to sweat.

Josh has always been a "budgetor"....Me...not so much. I mean I looked at it, and noticed the totals but I never really paid it much attention. Josh took the route of not saying anything, he let it build up and about a week ago..he exploded! I listened and we had our first real week/ weekend of budgeting and we did great. I know the real test is at the end of the month, but I think I can do it, ohh no I mean I know I can! :) I am actually losing weight due to budgeting...we aren't eating out that much and I am down 2 pounds since last Thursday....hoorraaayy!!!

I am in week 33. Starting to get a little uncomfortable. My belly itches this time...hopefully that is not a sign of stretch marks :( and I can't remember being able to feel so much movement at such long distances in my body. I think he is going to be bigger than his sister. He loves those feet in my ribs also....7 more weeks and no more HEARTBURN or should I say volcanic lava creeping up my throat. yuck!

Mati is doing great! She is talking up a storm and tried to convince me to give her 2 pony tails this morning.. I just had no time. For such a little girl she has a very large opinion. Last night after bathtime she ran up to Josh and said, "I washed my hair daddy"....She loves for him to be proud of her..this morning was "daddy my got dressed"...I have never seen anyone so particular about their undies...its ridiculous...She will only wear princess panties!

Thats about it for our crazy household...I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

7 More Days!!

In 7 days...I will be home...I miss home...FYI my home is Mississippi!

I miss my family and I can't wait for some time with them. This will be my last trip before Noah arrives, so I better make it a good one!
T-72 Days until we could meet little Noah....geez that seems scary! This needs to slow down!